Artist Bio: Zack Nodelman

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Artist Bio - Zack Nodelman

Since 1977, Zack keeps focusing on the sensual nature of art, aiming to depict the texture, the symbolism the spirit that surrounds us and the semi unconscious visions of the universe beyond. 

His paintings found their forever home in USA, Europe and Australia. Zack has graduated with the Bachelor's of Art degree and a postgrad diploma in Business.

His style is an abstract impressionism.His creativeness is inspired by intimate experiences and a deep sensitivity to the universe as well as recollections from the past and the present with an outlook to the future.

Creation for Zack verges on a deep religious experience of the world and the universe and his boundless approach to art contributes to the originality of his paintings and serves as a very personal declaration of his visions.

His artistry involves numerous layers and various techniques.


Abstract art is a kind of miracle. How can a painting that is just a white surface, or a swirl of colour, mean something?

But it can, and it does, and the unlikely greatness of abstraction is one of the most moving achievements of modern times.

Abstract Impressionism is the art of abstract painting, in which I express myself through the use of colours with no need for objective representations. In Abstract Impressionism, soft brush strokes build large areas which exhibit control of the entire painting, expressing my mental focus on emotions and wisdom.

I usually finish my painting and only then that I begin to search for a title or ocassionally just number it.

When I  create, I always act in a certain emotional state and apply the paint as an energy flow, and sometimes without any intention on final outcome. The brush often has its own life and spirit! The hand is only an extension of the divine force. Of course, "real" objects are present too and can be recognised. However, the shape, texture, colour of the painted object is not important.

My ultimate path is to express wisdom, mental focus and an absolute flow of the divine energy to which I am merely a tool.

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