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Pushpak Viman: The Flying Chariot

Description : The painting is done in 13th century Jain style from Gujarat, India. The Jain people believe in harmlessness, renunciation of life, the journey of life and how the meaning of life varies in its different phases. The characters in the painting are a representation of Indian Hindu mythology and Australian Dreamtime mythology. The half man/half black swan, is a merged representation of the Ramayana, where Rama after being exiled by his father, journeys across India for fourteen years, ultimately returning to Ayodhya, to be crowned it’s king; and the Dreamtime story of the two brothers, who were turned into white swans, Eaglehawks attacked the men tearing their feathers off, black crows came to their aid and gave them their own black feather to become black swans.
Both of these myths deal with the journey and transformation of the hero and the overcoming of adversities in their journeys.
The characters on the back on the creature represent migrants who have journeyed to escape war, political instabilities and to find a better way of life. The colour of the characters portray backgrounds, such as religion, beliefs, language and gender. These migrants go through their own transformations on their journeys and share the overcoming of adversities represented by these merged myths.
Finally, the half man/half swan is holding a white lotus flower which is the symbol of peace in the Buddhism teachings, that which the travellers are seeking.

NRN # : 000-41161-0134-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 21.00 cm X Width - 23.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Paper

Genre : Other

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Copyright : © Tushar Patel


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