Artist Bio: Susan Trudinger

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Artist Bio - Susan Trudinger

I completed a degree in Fine Art at the University of South Australia (formerly South Australian College of Fine Arts. After I completed my degree I exhibited in a group exhibition with fellow graduates in Adelaide. Over the years several commissions came my way. 

I lived in Armidale NSW for over 20 years where I continued to paint for awhile. However I wanted to try another form of artistic expression and took up Ceramics. I completed a Certificate at TAFE in Armidale. My pottery was sold at local markets and through local Art and Craft shops. I pursued Ceramics for about 7 years then returned to painting which I sold through the local Art Gallery.

A year spent living in Oman and a trip around Europe changed me and my way of painting. My work, I believe became richer and deeper from the experience. I returned to my home city of Canberra where I now live and paint full time.

I have been with the creative arts all my life and my goal is always to try and bring visual enjoyment and beauty to others. It is an integral part of my life which allows me to live fully in the present.

My subject matter is primarily landscapes and still life and I use this subject matter to explore the many and varied different colours, tones, shapes and forms that exist in both. That is why my style in contantly changing. I work mainly in acrylic paint, gouache, water colour pencils, ink and charcoal. Most of my landscapes are not of a particular place but are universal they are nowhere but everywhere in the world. However it is evident that they have a very Australian flavour. I often use photgraphs as my source but many are painted from memory or imagination reminders of places I have been or would like to go.

My Influences

My inspiration comes from the natural world around me and I am mostly influenced by the post impressionists and some of my favourite Australian artists such as Arthur Boyd and Brett Whitely. 

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