Artist Bio: Supret Tuteja

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Artist Bio - Supret Tuteja

Artist CV:

Supret Tuteja.

Based in Melbourne with an originally Indian background and over 20 years of work within the creative industry as a henna artist, I have explored and expanded my artistic flair to a new form of Art: Acrylic and Textured Paintings to give myself the soulful satisfaction and meaning to life.

As a self-taught - emerging artist , I am evolving my creative palette to fine-tune the skills of Acrylic and 3d paintings, developing new mediums to create unique art. My willingness to Incorporate a mix of unorthodox techniques such as embellishing gold leaves, jewels, rhinestone, and Mix Media as well as the use of tubing methods differentiates me from the stock standard in the field. I use heavy-bodied thick textured paint along with Impasto mediums to create art that has a Character to itself and creates a profile that speaks to the viewer. The use of Impasto catches light from the surrounding room and casts a small shadow on the painting - heightening the particular part of the subject to create a more dramatic lighting effect. The idea behind creating this highlighting effect on the surface of the painting is for the painting to have its own reality so that the paint on the painting itself becomes the work of art as opposed to a means of creating an illusionistic world beyond. With this style, the idea is that the texture of the paint itself - with the shape of every single brush stroke or pallet knife could directly convey the artist`s emotions and feelings on a particular subject. This helps the artist to create and place emphasis within the painting itself by having inequalities in the mediums used. This style of creating a 3D effect by the use of Impasto creates an illusion and the raised profile of the paint creates a shadow which changes based on the degree of angle from which the light cast on the painting, the time of the day, and viewing angle of the viewer. 

I prefer to incorporate various artistic styles such as contemporary, modern, abstract, and traditional thus creating unique pieces of art that are often surrounded around the sublimity of nature.

My Artwork is heavily influenced by 3-dimensional features utilizing tools such as pallet knives and tube work to depict emotions and capture stylistic features with greater depth.

A large amount of my work captures the essence of nature and beauty within the natural world, employing various art subjects and tools to help me do so. The Artwork provides the depiction of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual state of the mind of the Artist and insight into her interpretation of nature in her inner world. The Vibrancy in the colors used interprets the joy, love, and passion in the world and the whites indicate innocence and purity. I pursue art as a way to express my creativity and passion to the world, as well as share my view of the world with other people.

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