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If you contact a photographer with the question "how much do you take for family photo" he/she needs some informations to give you the answer. So please don't hang up the phone as this isn't just answered with a number when you like quality work done !!

Wanna see some examples of botched work? You would be shocked!

PRICES depend on the nature if the job, details of the job, the occasion, location, number of people, light situation, assistant needed etc.

A serious photographers forwards you a questionnaire or works by phone or flesh with you to get the answers to providing you a quote with no bad surprises after the job is done!

Professional photos are different from even the best mobile phone photos, so if you don't dare ask a family member to do mobile apps. To this I can show you details too.

By the way, keep please in mind that photographers in SA charge nearly 10% less than our colleagues in other Australian states.

Kind Regards,

Adelaides Sue Smith Photography (ASSP)

National & International multi awarded Port Adelaide Photographer & Artist
Accredited Media Photographer


Hi there, welcome to my first blog ever.

I heard the other day at one of my Art Gallery visits a couple saying "aren't this prices a bit high".  I hear such often on my gallery tours and as former Art Gallery owner and being an artist myself I approached them, exchanged our thoughts to this artwork. .

After this nice chat by analysing the work I asked some questions, one was if they know how much margin Artists have to pay to galleries and sales platforms - they was shocked to hear this!

I invited this lovely couple of a cuppa and in this relaxed atmosphere I came back to the "a bit high". I had just before my gallery bought some acrylics, watercolours and paper. I put an acrylics tube on the table, playfully asking which price they guess  - I can't blame them that they thought each item  between $3-$5, when I showed them the invoice they couldn't believe that they were so wrong.

If you too think on low material costs think again please. Even if you do a work on cheap canvas to try a style you never did you are using high quality brushes, colours, varnish.

We all have to pay having a roof over our heads, we all need spend money on utility invoices - who doesn't whine about the high power prices, the increase in food and grocery prices since COVID-19? Even the prices of our Art Supplies have increased.

Now think of the days and hours artists spend in creating Art, the paperwork, bookkeeping, the moneys for Art Sale Platforms, adds,  the weeks/months/years before a works is sold. When you add this all up I agree that we were in a better position earning a regular wage from an 8 hour job but: we like our job even when we sometimes asking ourselves why we still create Art, why we don't give up. To speak formyself: seeing the happiness in childrens faces, triggering with our works memories, emotions, hope is - at least in my own case - why we are keeping doing what we do.

What is included in my Art Prices?

I like to mention that in most of my "high" prices include the additional hours and expenses I spend to provide you with the best quality of material and finishes. I like that my works give you a smile whenever you look at them, so working with you and supervise you on the perfect finish of the work you buy IS  INCLUDED. Contact Sue by email to for our free Info Pack.

In my next Blog I will give you some ideas for the soon coming Easter.

Stay safe and healthy, 
Sue and her team

Shipping Included on ALL Artwork

Plus Discounts if you Pick Up