Artist Bio: Sudha Palani

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Artist Bio - Sudha Palani

People advised me to do meditation to calm my mind.
I said to them,
"Yes, Im PAINTING".....

Thanks for spending time to view my profile.
This is Sudha, Self Taught Artist. I love science so I did Masters in Clinical Biochemistry in India. After coming to Melbourne, I made a self analysis then decide to go after my passion. Painting is everything for me. Since my childhood, I just love to paint whether its good or bad.
My MOM, She is the reason for my painting skills. I have started painting birds a year earlier, I felt like doing meditation when I paint birds. Making those eyes, beaks, feathers and wings makes my mood to swing in better way.
As an Artist, I could able to realise my self confidence and helps to calm down my mind. It helps to express my thoughts, emotions, personal experience and interest.
For me, Painting is an endless search and ongoing learning process. I dont want to restrict with one idea. So I'm exploring with different medium, techniques and ideas. I love to do landscapes, Still life, Abstract and Animals. Nature is my Inspiration.

My Influences

Influenced by Artist Valarmathi(My Mom😇) , Nature and People surrounds me.

My Artshow Awards

Artshow: Hobson\'s Bays Art Society\'s Spring Art & Artisan Exhibition 2019
Title: Yellow Rosella
Award: People Choice Award
Sponsor: Hobsons Bays Art Society
Prize: 100$