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Crimson Rosella

Description : I have realised that this bird has beautiful warm and cool colour palette like red violet, red, red orange, blue, blue violet and violet.
Love its bright crimson colour of this rosella.
I have used Red, Blue and its analogues. This painting will be eye catching on the wall beacause its bright colours.
Added so many layers for its feathery look.
Sides painted with white.
Well varnished and Ready to hang.

NRN # : 000-39584-0164-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 61.00 cm X Width - 46.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic

Genre : Animals

Status : Sold


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Copyright : © Sudha Palani


Un-Framed: $270.00

Thanks for spending time to view my profile.
I am Sudha Palani, Self-taught Artist.
I love nature, Science and Art. Painting is everything for me. I feel the satisfaction that comes from what I love to do. My Mom, she is my Inspiration. I love her painting skills. I love to make pencil portraits, Animals, especially birds, and figurative art and things that I admire. Now I have started painting birds in more details. Painting eyes, beaks, feathers, and wings, it gives me a lot of excitement. I will feel complete satisfaction whenever I finish my bird painting. As an Artist, I could realize my self-confidence and do what I love. It helps to express my thoughts, emotions, personal experiences, and interest. 
For me, painting is an endless search, and an ongoing learning process. I would like to refer to books to learn techniques. Each painting gives me some ideas. I learned things through my paintings. I want to explore with different mediums, techniques, and ideas. Nature is my favorite inspiration.
I use professional quality acrylic paints for painting birds. It dries very quickly so that it is easy to make lots of detailed layers over and over to get a feathery look. I feel like doing meditation when I paint repeated details in the feathers. I feel happiness and positive vibe comes from focusing on what excites me.
Artshow: Hobson\'s Bays Art Society\'s Spring Art & Artisan Exhibition 2019
Title: Yellow Rosella
Award: People Choice Award
Sponsor: Hobsons Bays Art Society
Prize: 100$










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