Artist Bio: Sorna Sadler

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Artist Bio - Sorna Sadler

Born in the UK Sorna came to Australia in 1990. She now lives in Pitt Town North West Sydney.

From an early age Sorna always had an interest in the arts but not the time to indulge her interests. Now retired she again has started to pursue her love of canvas art.

Sorna typically paints abstract but also likes to indulge in mixed media art. Although self taught she has been dabbling in this form of painting in excess of 50 years.

Sorna is passionate about colour and hopes each piece she creates connects with someone.  Because abstract art is subjective each artwork created enables you to Indulge your mind. She says that creating art stirs the soul.

Sorna loves the versatlity of acrylic paints. Her inspiration is found from nature. However, inspiration doesn't always happen until she starts to paint. Which can make her life of painting interesting. 

Thanks for looking. We hope you enjoy Sorna's art as much as she enjoys creating it.

My Influences

What am I not influenced by might be a better question. I can be influenced by another artist whether they are famous or not. Art that I see in galleries, museums and online … the works of the masters, which we can all learn from.

I'm influenced by colour, nature, my mood and others mood. My mood is a big one. It determines whether my piece comes out really dark or bright and colourful! When I start to paint I find I'm digging into myself and my personal experiences of the life I’ve lived for the last 60 years. Often, I find it hard to explain to anyone what really inspires me because when I paint it just happens it's within me, deep inside.

I do love nature and some of my favourite subjects to paint are trees and flowers.


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