Tell your friends about ***special*** Australian Classic (framed)

***special*** Australian Classic (framed)

Description : This is a Lino print of an Australian classic Holden from the early 1970s. Car enthusiasts will recognise this model as an icon of car history. The colours used emulate one of the factory colours used on this car model at the time. The colours of this car can be customised. This print is based on my partner’s classic restoration.

NRN # : 000-42077-0138-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 46.00 cm X Width - 56.00 cm )

TYPE : Prints

Medium on Base : Print

Genre : No Genre Entered

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Copyright : © Sara Valentino


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I have been an Arts educator for the longest time. For me, creativity and imagination underpins everything we do. I know for me, it helps me to think critically, it helps me reflect, it helps me to see diverse views and accept that we all think differently. As an artist, I inerpret the world around me. My works are not merely 'copies' of places or things or people, but an interpretation of how I see things. Sometimes it's the colours in an object, sometimes it's the line work in the architecture, but always it's about my connection to that place, that person, that scene. It's emotional. 

My love of printmaking started early in my teaching career, but after interactions with practicing printmaking artists it became my passion and 'go to' artform. I retired from full time work in early 2022 in order to spend more time building and developing my artistic practice. 

My work and artistic practice mostly focuses on lino printing, with some etching. Drawing and rendering are my ‘second’ love for my mental well-being as well as idea development. My prints are generally derived from my photographs. These range from travel images and local spaces to portraits of my family and even cars! In the 40 odd years in which I have been creating, I am constantly learning new ways, new materials and new tricks to develop and improve my practice. Colour is often added as part of the printing process (either reduction or multiblock processes) but I also use watercolour, depending on the effect I am trying to create. I have recently started exploring more complex reduction prints as well as Chine Collé to add interest and textures to my work. I always hope to create an emotional connection to my work: recognition of people, places or things that will hopefully increase the likelihood of that emotional connection. 

I love the process itself and enjoy the preciseness of the cutting process, but also the fact that you don't have to be that precise at all. Cutting the lino is very cathartic and watching the prints being revealed is very exciting. I also love the linear, almost graphic style of lino printing and I suppose you could say that my ‘signature’ style is adding a pop of colour rather than adding colour throughout any image. People have decsribed my style as abstract realism. 

Artshow: The Knox Art Exhibition 2023
Title: London Phone Box
Award: Highly Commended - Best Painting (All Mediums) - Value $251 to $500










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