Artist Bio: Romina Ienco

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Artist Bio - Romina Ienco

Hi! I'm Romina. Friends and family call me Mimi. I've travelled a long way from Rome (Italy) to Adelaide where I'm now based and in the blink of an eye, 12 years have gone by!

Back in Rome, I studied the art of painting with different mediums (acrylic, oils, soft pastels and powdered colours). My learning continues today in the form of abstracts and landscapes.

St. Angel's Castle in Rome showcased my paintings back in 2008 and my work is also featured in a private collection in France. 

Fortunately, you do not have to travel that far to see what I do. The Splashout Gallery in Brighton (Adelaide) and Gallery M at the Marion Cultural Centre also exhibited my paintings recently and will do so again in the coming months. 

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If you are a pet lover, look no further. I would love to paint a portrait of your precious pets (Bonus - I get to spend time looking at these cute doggos and cats that come alive through my art!)

In fact, my love of animals led me to pursue a career as a veterinary nurse with an interest in animal dentistry. 

Figurative portraits are another passion.

I look forward to staying in touch!

My Influences

Since I was a teenager I've always been a big fan of Leonardo Davinci, O love the sfumato technique he uses, Also I'm a big fan of impressionists such as Renoir and the Macchiaioli (italian Impressionists) , especially Telemaco Signorini.

I Also love Matt Flint's abstract style and Kobayashi.

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