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Arkaroola Reflections

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NRN # : 000-35863-0156-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 59.00 cm X Width - 76.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Watercolour on Paper

Genre : Landscape

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Copyright : © Robin Hicks


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With a deep love for nature and people it has long been my passion to convey this inherent beauty through realism with an impressionistic flair. I have always believed in a flexible approach and employ the medium that best encapsulates the classic qualities of each subject matter and context; whether it is oil, water colour or pastels.

I feel privileged to have travelled the world for inspiration and to exhibit my work. I have a profound reverence for the perfect architecture found in nature, from the pristine water courses and geological formations of the outback, to the softer yet powerful aspect we find in coastal scenes such as cliffs, dunes and estuaries with the abundance of plant and animal life. I also enjoy tying the respectful elements of the built environment to the wonderment of nature. I also have a passion for producing portraits.

I was the youngest member of the Royal Art Society when I joined at the age of 15, a few years ago now, and at 17 I was employed as an illustrator for the South Australian Museum in both the Education Section and Entomology Department. Over my career I have been honoured to be commissioned for many works and feel deeply humbled to have received numerous awards. 

Life's textures, it's landscapes, streetscapes, portraits, the stories behind the faces and the human spirit, these are some of the subjects compelling me to express myself through painting.  I have a passion for the natural world and feel more connectivity to life and spirit when I am creating a work of art, and I endeavour to be a part of the painting I'm working on and enjoy the process. 

I was born in Adelaide, South Australia and attended a number of different art classes in groups and private tuition, including life drawing and portrait painting and completed a diploma in graphic design and illustration. 

Travelling to England, Scotland, Europe Thailand and America I became inspired by the contrast and depth of colours in the landscapes I encountered, which was so different from what I grew up with in Australia. This led me to produce my first solo exhibition in the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Since 2008, I have held three solo exhibitions featuring up to 30 works and over many years have taken part in shared and smaller solo exhibitions in various venues.