Artist Bio: Peter Lees

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Artist Bio - Peter Lees

After 40 years practice as a professional registered Architect, I still have a hand in residential home design. As a much younger fellow, I frequently drew commissions for the public (pencil portraits), as well as professional architectural renderings for other Architects (who didn't have a talent for free drawing). Architectural renderings were an artistic presentation of how building designs would appear in 3D eg. with trees, cars and people etc before computers took over. Architecture was the far better prospect of paying bills, but I had won an art competition before the age of twenty, and was separately awarded a commendation from the Royal Melbourne Show for an art entry made whilst still at high school. Free art drawing was predominantly shelved during my professional years, but now I have resurrected my desire and talent to create artwork. In the past, I have drawn and painted in a number of mediums such as pencil, charcoal, oils, oil and chalk pastel, water colour and gauche. I'm not particularly intimidated using any medium or mixing mediums. I relish perspective and high definition detail, and find myself captivated, if not lost in the two dimentional micro world flowing from my brush or pen. High definition drawing is relatively rare in todays 'contemporary' art world of huge canvass, broad brush slop and slap, but I absolutely love creating it, however tedious it can be sometimes to finalise a work.

My Influences

Strangely I will say that I have no conscious stand out influence, but realistically no one cannot escape being influenced by a life time of what we see around us. I love human creative works that clearly exhibit attention to detail and when I try to portray the wonderful intricasy of nature, it helps me become more aware and appreciative of the dynamics of nature that sculpt an ever changing worldly palette.

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