Artist Bio: Paul Taplin

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Artist Bio - Paul Taplin

Paul's lifelong practice of conceptual fine art met the emerging crest of the digital art wave several years ago. This was the ideal medium for him to apply his fascination with detail and his passion for multi-layering techniques that convey the subtlety and depth essential to narrative art.

Paul works in several programs. His strongly identifiable digital brushstrokes arise not only from applying the medium's infinitely expanding potential of permutation and combination but also from his long-term exploration and experimentation, crafting techniques that are uniquely his own. He creates original shapes and materials in 3-D and layers them into 2-D pictures. He sometimes works with more than 100 layers. Original photographs might be incorporated as picture elements but are employed more often, and more imperceptibly, as material bases. Specific 3-D design work includes jewellery and figurines.

With his music entertaining audiences for the last 30 years, Paul's private creative art world now enters the public sphere. His focus as both artist and musician is to tell the story: narrative, psychological or philosophical. This ability is as effectively applied to the narrative of advertising and graphic design as it is to traditional story-telling, fantasy, sci-fi, classical mythology and fairy tales. Each artwork is rich with metaphor and fantastical imaginings that embellish the narrative, and they are frequently part of more completely illustrative picture series.

These pieces from his extensive body of work are some of the offerings of his newly established business, Terra Esse, a generative cauldron of art, music and narrative.

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