Artist Bio: Parul Sen

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Artist Bio - Parul Sen

I draw my inspiration from everyday subjects like the leaf that has fallen to ground to the buildings that I go past everyday to the trees and birds around me. These eventually find their way into my art and onto my digital canvas. 

I use the iPad and an app called Procreate to create these images. The possibilities and limitations of a digital medium are both challenging and exciting. I have explored and tried to replicate my knowledge of various mediums like acrylics, oils, pastels and watercolour with digital tools to produce images that represent scenes as I see them or create portraits that capture the subject’s personality in my own style. 

I would like my art to inspire viewers to take a moment and discover beauty in the world around them in unusual places. I look forward to creating art with this ever evolving medium all the while having a strong appreciation for other art forms.

I have exhibited at the Victorian Artists Society in 2019, Mannigham gallery, and the Flemington Art Show 2019 where I sold all my prints. 

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