Are you looking for a Cloud Solution for your Art Show?


Gallery 247 was designed and built, and is managed by people with extensive hands-on experience in running successful art shows. We offer a one stop online cloud platform to manage all the complexities of managing artworks for Art Shows. 



Your Online Dashboard


 Manage Your Art Show 





Art Show

Manage your Art Show Online


Number of displayed works or works available for sale   Unlimited!
Your own website   yes.png
Single platform - no more need for multiple databases   yes.png
Advanced SEO and Google Tracking. Get found on Google easier, faster and more often    yes.png
Online Sales   yes.png
Tax Invoices, Artist Statements, GST calculations   yes.png
Export to XERO accounting system   yes.png
Artists Receive instant notification when art work is sold    yes.png
Artists can add artworks to your Art Show   yes.png
Administrators can add artworks to your Art Show   yes.png
Online Sales Platform / shopping cart   yes.png
Event Management   yes.png
Ticket Sales   yes.png
Art Work Label Generation   yes.png
QR codes   yes.png
Cloud based - Art Work Control Panel   yes.png
SSL Secure login    yes.png
Art lovers can preview art work with our View-at-Home tool   yes.png
Display artist bios    yes.png
Newsletter Platform   yes.png
Customer Platform   yes.png
Lead, Prospect Generation   yes.png
CRM Platform   yes.png
Event Platform   yes.png
Sell products, merchandise, books, etc   yes.png
SMS Platform   yes.png
Task and Calendar Platform   yes.png
Blogging and News Platform   yes.png
Full integration to Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin   yes.png
Promote your exhibitions in the Gallery 247 calendar   yes.png
Designate where a potential customer can visit and see your work on display   yes.png
Managed Artists, Teachers, Judges, Demonstrator Directory   yes.png
Smart Search facilities with multiple categories, genres, colour profiles   yes.png
Works on any device - phone, tablet, PC   yes.png
Plus much more!   yes.png




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