5 Tips for Selling Art Online

Displaying your art as for sale online is a simple and effective way to improve your credibility as an artist and improve your exposure to thousands of art lovers,  while improving your bank balance. 

Here are 5 key tips to help you be more successfully sell on line:


1: Upload Art Regularly

Gallery247 is constantly being visited by search engines. It consistently gets top ranking in Google as well as many other search engines too.

To keep your art work fresh and visible in Google make sure you upload art works on a regular basis.


2: Provide quality and multiple pictures

Pictures tell a thousand words.  You can easily upload multiple pictures of your artwork, showing features, close ups of texture, framing, mat etc.

Gallery 247 automatically creates a slide show of your images where more than one exists for any work.


3: Enter Art Shows

Buying art on line is steadily becoming more acceptable to art lovers. However, there's still no substitute for actually seeing the work before you buy it.

Art shows are still the most effective way of putting your work in front of art lovers.  What's more, every Gallery 247 art show you're accepted into increases your online visibility in the various search engines.


4: Add a Quality Bio

Art lovers love to read your story of where their original art came from and what the artists inspiration and background is. So make sure you spend time on your Bio, it's one of your greatest tools.

Remember, awards and prizes are automatically added to your bio, so it's important that you record any awards against the relevant artwork.


5: Social Media 

Social media is a great tool to spread the word about your art. Whenever you upload new art it is so easy to tell your network of friends about it with links to purchasing your art on Gallery247.

Even though your friends may not buy your art... one of their friends on social media might.  

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