New Alliance with Pack & Send

Just in time for the 2018 Mornington Art Show, we're pleased to announce a new service for artists and art shows that will make it even easier for you to enter art shows that might otherwise have been too inconvenient or too far away.

Thanks to an alliance with Pack & Send, we are able to provide convenient drop-off, delivery and return services for any work that's been accepted into a participating art show.

The service comprises:

- Drop off your work at the designated Pack & Send service centre (or have your local Pack and Send service centre do so for you) where your work will be received into the art show;

- Pack & Send will safely pack and deliver your work to the relevant art show;

- At the end of the show, Pack & Send will collect all unsold work on your behalf, which will be available for your collection at the participating service centre.

Service Launch

This new service is being launched for successful entrants into the 2018 Mornington Art Show.  The designated drop-off and collection point is Pack & Send, Moorabbin.

Location: 28 Station Street, Moorabbin, 03 9556 5900

Drop off times: Business Hours on Tuesday January 9, Wednesday January 10 and Thursday January 11.

Collection times for unsold works: Business Monday January 29, Tuesday January 30 and Wednesday January 31.

Delivery Price: $30 per painting

Packing Price: If done by Pack & Send - $20 per painting if bubble-wrapped, $50 per painting if bubble-wrapped and boxed.

The above prices are payable to Pack & Send when you drop off the painting.

Return Price: $20 per painting, payable to Pack and Send when you collect the painting.

Important Notice: It is essential that you drop off your paintings complete with the art show labels attached and with the Gallery 247 / Art Show delivery docket.

Other art shows may well have different designated Service Centres.


Artists can save hours of their own travel time by not having to drive to a show venue to deliver their work.  There's no  standing in the queue either.  Also, artists have the convenience of being able to drop off their accepted entries over a 3-day period, instead of being restricted to a small time window on a specific day.

Collection of unsold works can also be done over a 3-day period.

Art shows have the convenience and reduction of admin work and smaller queues on delivery day, because the batch of accepted works will have already been pre-received into your show.  This convenience will also make it easier for remote and interstate artists to enter shows that would have previously been too inconvenient or expensive.

Give us a call on 1300 782 879 if you have any questions.

Team Gallery 247

P.S.  We're just around the corner from Pack & Send Moorabbin.  When you're dropping your entries off, why not pop in to Gallery 247 and say hello?  We're on Level 1, 1 Taylor Street, Moorabbin, in the StreamScape offices.

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