New Membership Grades - December 2016

Free membership

This is unchanged. It's worth noting that even as a free member you can upload as many paintings as you like into your Gallery 247 virtual portfolio. Even though only 2 paintings are displayed in Gallery 247's public gallery, a registered art lover can log in and see every one of your paintings.

Plus Membership

This replaces our old Basic membership grade. Many of the new features are designed to make it a whole lot easier to sell your work.

Key elements are:

  • The name has changed from Basic to Plus
  • Price is unchanged at only $2.42 per week
  • The number of paintings you can place into your portfolio is still unlimited
  • The number of paintings displayed in Gallery 247 public gallery is doubled, from 10 paintings to 20
  • Commission is unchanged, at 25% including GST
  • Plus members now have a View At Home option
  • Artists bio is now displayed
  • Artists notes are now shown
  • Automatic alerts to registered art lovers when a new work meets their criteria

Visit for a complete list of what you get.

Pro Membership

This new Pro membership level replaces Classic, which is now obsolete.

Pro members get all the benefits of Plus, plus these key elements:

  • The number of paintings displayed in Gallery 247 public gallery is now unlimited, up from 64
  • Pro members can now promote their own personal exhibitions on the Gallery 247 calendar of events
  • Membership subscription is unchanged at $6.27 per week
  • Eligible for inclusion in our Featured Artists gallery
  • Listing in Gallery 247's directory of teachers, judges, demonstrators and commissioned work painters, as the case may be
  • Advanced listing in the NRAAA directory
  • Commission has been increased from 15% to 20%, to cover the costs of new features that Pro members receive
  • Visit for a complete list of what you get.


Classic Plus and Ultimate Memberships

Both of these membership grades are now obsolete. Existing members on these levels will automatically be upgraded to Pro membership, and subscriptions correspondingly reduced.

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