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Many potential artwork purchasers buy works to fit in with their room’s decor. Their decision to buy a new painting is often driven by the fact that they’re redecorating their home or moving into a new one.

To make it easier for these people - and the interior decorators they often use - to find suitable paintings, we’ve added a new search-by-colour feature.

Whenever you upload a new image, Gallery 247 automatically extracts its significant colours. They in turn allow an art lover to find your painting based on different aspects of their room decor, such as walls, carpets, curtains and furnishings.

Being colour-based, this feature relies heavily on the quality of your photograph. If the photo is under-exposed, for example, or your white balance is incorrect, your photograph will appear to have greys as significant colours, even though the painting itself might be quite colourful.

That’s why we’ve prepared an extremely comprehensive set of guidelines to help you get the best results from photographing your work, which in turn greatly increases the likelihood of you selling your work.

Preparation and photographing your painting

After you photograph your painting - Image editing and correction

Forcing Significant Colours

Gallery 247 allows you to “force” significant colours. Select the relevant painting from your portfolio, click on the image and select Advanced Editing. Click on the tab Properties and Colours and make the necessary adjustments to the colour table.

It’s very important that you don’t force a dominant colour into the art work’s properties, and leave a poor quality image to be found. Delete the original poor image and replace it first, to give the automatic colour extraction system a chance to work.

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