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Why cropping is necessary - Aspect Ratio explained

We see many artists struggling to get their painting fit nicely into the photograph they're taking.  In many cases, it simply cannot be done, because the painting's aspect ratio doesn't match the camera's aspect ratio.

Here's an explanation of why Aspect Ratio dictates that you'll almost always need to crop your image after you've taken the photo.



Deadly sins of photographing your paintings

Finally, you've just completed weeks of hard work and care you've invested in your painting.  Now it's time to show your masterpiece to the world.

What you do in the next 240 seconds will either make it all worth while, or spoil your efforts and make it all a disappointing waste of time.



Security and your online photographs

Did you know that a stranger can easily track you down to your home, just from a photograph taken on your mobile phone or your iPad?



How to be a successful artist on line using Gallery 247

Gallery 247 includes many tools and functions that make it easier for your painting to be sold, as well as increase your chances of getting accepted into the many art shows accepting entries directly from Gallery 247.

Here are a few tips to get the best from having your art work on Gallery 247.



After you photograph your painting - Image editing and processing

It’s almost certain that however well you've taken the photograph of your work, some tidying up will be required. If you’ve done your preparation properly the most likely things you'll want to do are cropping, re-sizing, reducing the file size and maybe correcting distortion.

For security and privacy reasons you should also remove the photograph's metadata.



Preparation and photographing your painting

Most errors in photographing your paintings can be easily avoided before you even take the photo itself. Here are some simple - but important - dos and don’ts.



Art Shows and Gallery 247 - Who Does What

In addition to providing a powerful gateway for artists to publish their work and promote their other services such as teaching, Gallery 247 provides an art show management system for a rising number of art shows.

We often get calls asking about details for specific art shows.  Whilst we're delighted to help when we can, we are not able to answer questions on behalf of any of those art shows.  This Guide shows what Gallery 247 and the art shows are responsible for.



What Art Show Judges Look For - Craig Penny

Wondering how to impress the judge at an art show you're thinking of entering?

This interview with Craig Penny, a well known artist, tutor and judge, reveals what he looks for whan he's invited to judge an art show.



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