National Registry of Australian Art and Artists

Gallery 247 is Australia’s only National Registry of Australian artists and their works.  NRAAA was conceived to accredit, promote and support Australian artists and their work.  Registration as an artist is free and instant.  Each artwork entered into the registry is also registered immediately and for free.

Why you should register yourself and your work

As a registered artist, each work in your personal gallery is stored permanently and backed up in a secure location. This is your online portfolio, an archive of all your work over time.  Once registered, you can

  • Edit and update your personal and professional details at any time
  • Select which works you want to publish on line
  • Keep track of and publish your personal bio
  • Keep track of and publish your awards and prizes
  • Identify and publish all or any sold works
  • Notify interested buyers where your work is on display, and whether in an exhibition, art show or gallery

As well as identifying each work as genuinely yours, through your National Registration Number any art lover can easily find you on line, look at your bio and see other work that you have done.

When art work is displayed at an art show, gallery or exhibition, the show organisers can elect to display the work’s NRN and barcode on its label, through which potential purchasers can instantly obtain more information on the work and its artist.

How the registration process works

As soon as a work is registered, it is immediately assigned a unique National Registration Number (NRN) and bar code.  This number uniquely identifies the artist, the category of work and the work itself.  An official registration label is issued to the artist that is then affixed permanently to the work itself.

Why you should only buy registered work

As an art lover, purchasing officially registered art works is your assurance that the work is genuine, created by a registered artist who can be validated through the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists.

You can instantly compare the work you have purchased (or are planning to) with its registered photograph.  You have the option of registering as the owner of any registered work, which for your privacy is never made public.  Even if you don’t register as the owner, you can still use the National Registration Number as your record for insurance purposes.

If you’re a serious collector, you can identify where each officially registered art work is on public display if you like.

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