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Mind Creates Reality

Description : It is obvious that our head as pandora box :) So many dark secrets as horrible monsters hiding, living in our beautiful mind, fears and horrors, tears and screams, so many shiny wonderful dreams growing from the deepest dark water, they trying to lift themselves in bubbles of air and even when they trying reach the top, found barriers like hard solid rocks,dreams not stopping to live life in a positive way of brining with them seeds of beautiful flowers, is in it the way how it's should be always, from the all our negative experience and thoughts we can grow the most awesome form of life by set your own mind to positive changes and believing in good, nice, exiting miracles of creation positive energy and joy of life!

NRN # : 000-1965-0178-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 90.00 cm X Width - 45.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Contemporary

Status : Not Currently for Sale Online


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Copyright : © Natalia Graham


Not Currently for Sale Online

Natalia  Graham is mixed media abstracts expressionist artist. Most of her work is develop in small projects or series, where a detail or a technique that gives an interesting result in one painting may lead her off in a new direction for the next. 

Natalia began studying to paint at 6 years old at Fine Art School and later she spent 4 years through Art college where she concentrated on art history, classical art and modern design.



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