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Darling Harbour

Description : Night at Darling Harbour

NRN # : 000-37056-0135-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 50.00 cm X Width - 70.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Abstract

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Copyright : © Meri Andric


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Meri was always an artistic soul, engaged in amateur painting and craft-work from an early age.
Born in Bosnia, Meri and her family survived the horror of a long and corrupt war, migrating to Australia in 1997 and settling in Sydney. In the prime of her life, Meri found herself without a support network, in a new country, navigating the struggle and challenges of being a refugee, a wife, a mother.
Over the years, Meri prolifically created an array of pieces, experimenting with techniques and styles. Her work is always fresh and deeply emotional. Dark shades and quick strokes dominate when her spirit is restless, only to be contrasted by bright hues of joie de vivre. Complimenting these emotions, when in a meditative state, the artist produces an otherworldly feeling of calm on the canvas, her creations imbued with idyllic depictions of tranquillity.
Meri communicates her freedom by rejecting the confines of pre-determined styles, each artwork infused with a different vibe and message. This variety is her strength, being unpredictable and bold, purposely surprising her audience with every new creation.

In 2014, Meri’s painting was auctioned at a fundraising event, attracting tremendous feedback and encouragement. Inspired to share her work with a wider audience, Meri decided to compete and exhibit her work in various art competitions/exhibitions across Australia. Since 2016, her work is regularly displayed in The Hunter Street Gallery of Fine Art as part of members exhibitions of The City of Parramatta Art Society, CPAS.

Group Exhibitions:
• Gippsland Art Gallery, Gippsland Print Award
• The Hunter Street Gallery of Fine Art, CPAS, Autumn Symphony
• CAS of Victoria, National Exhibition, A4 Art Australia
• Art in the Hills, Acquisitive Art Prize, Change
• The Hunter Street Gallery of Fine Art, CPAS, Inspiration of Summer
• City of Fairfield Art Prize
• RAW Art Australia, Verve, Sydney
• CAS of Victoria, National Exhibition, A4 Art Australia
• Art in the Hills, Acquisitive Art Prize, Nature
• Blacktown City Art Prize, Selective Exhibition
• Saint Cloche Gallery, Selective Exhibition, Little Things
• Art in the Hills, Acquisitive Art Prize, Unity
• Defiant by a Dream, Private Art & Performance Fundraiser, SYD