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Eurasian Owl With Gold Aura

Description : In Native American culture the owl is called the “Night Eagle,” and is linked with the moon and the night, whilst the eagle represents the sun and the daylight hours. The Greeks and the Wiccans were no stranger to the powers of the owl and the Romans believed that if an owl feather was placed on their pillow at night that their secrets would be revealed by someone they know. It is known that owl energy will make you quite gifted at extracting secrets! Owl gives you the ability to see what usually remains hidden and unknown. Owl connects with intuition and wisdom helping you to see truth, reality and illusion and the masks we wear. Decision-making is easy with owl on your side who can help you to discern and assess any situation. The power of owl is in becoming one with the silent observer inside, giving you a wealth of untapped information and possibly even redefining your true path in life. Owl brings with it the power of change. It is through this painting I hope the viewer can tap into the calm strength needed to ride any storm and find oneself on a deeper level. What gets me about this breed of owl is the piercing stare of its eyes and how they see right into you. In my life right now the owl is such a strong and powerful symbol as I uncover and see the deepest parts of myself and realize I have the power to change belief systems that were put onto me... and are not mine. I can choose to relinquish fear and sadness that don't belong to me, and have to this point have pushed and pushed me on automatic pilot. These beliefs had unknowingly paved my life. I feel I have new eyes and owl vision that lights up the sun in me and a new connection with my spirit that fills my entire being. For me a true path in life doesn't have to be a career, it can be a returning to what makes me whole again and that is okay, and I am good enough, just as I am.

NRN # : 000-43829-0140-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 60.00 cm X Width - 60.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Animals

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Copyright : © Melissa Pym


Not Currently for Sale Online

Melissa Pym is the artist from the humble “Two Feathers Gallery” that she created to display her work and tutorials online. She studied at Brighton Bay Art, Design and Photography in 1995 and Ceramic Design at Chisholm Tafe in 1998. Initially a sculptor, Mel taught herself to paint in 2012, and continues to explore other mediums as a part of her practice. Mel focuses on her mission of finding creative solutions around her many disabilities and then passing on this knowledge to the disabled community through her Youtube channel to increase access to art. She hopes this legacy will improve their quality of life and help save lives.

Solo Exhibitons:

2002 - The Fitzroy Gallery, Fitzroy

Group Exhibitions:

2022 - Mornington Rotary Art Show

2022 - Sorrento Art Show 

2021 - Linden Postcard Show

2021 - Knox Virtual Art Show

2014 - Town and Country Gallery, Yarragon

2014 - Wahalla Easter Art Show, Walhalla

2013 - Birds Gallery, Kew

2013 - The Willow Bar, Northcote

2003 - Gallery 66, Fitzroy

2003 - The Convent Gallery, Daylesford

2002 - The Kaleidoscope Cafe, Brunswick


2021 - (Disability site) - Power Blog Article "Melissa Pym's continued healing through art"

2019 - (Disability site) - Power Blog Article "Creative ways to heal through art"

2018 - Star Weekly Newspaper article- "Art a journey of healing"

Melissa suffers from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a heart condition and chronic "lyme-like" disease. Her artwork provides her with personal joy and fulfilment (when she is able to use her hands). It also gives her the extra support that she requires to finance a long-term recovery. She hopes that through fighting her disease she can inspire others to do the same. Melissa considers it her life’s mission to fight both for herself and others with "lyme-like" disease to raise awareness of it in Australia. Through education, awareness and early intervention, Australians can hope to avoid this devastating illness.

Government and health authorities have been reluctant to acknowledge and support victims of this growing epidemic, despite the evidence, undeniable proof and the increasing numbers of sufferers.

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