Artist Bio: Meled Taouk

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Artist Bio - Meled Taouk

I am an Australian born artist, I have been developing a style which is vital to my aim of expressing the inherit self. My art is derived from the internal, I draw my inspiration from the subliminal. I believe all artistic vision is inherently from a source, that can only be considered as divine. I draw from my own personal experiences, all that I witness within the boundaries of my life, from all that I have felt internally ,to the many experiences I have endured throughout my life. I approach my work with a conceived idea or an illusory image, at first a set style or attitude is taken on as an expressive outlet, and then eventually I become stimulated before the work takes a life of its own through an emotional outlet during the performance of the work. I become captivated by the works progressive development, encouraging what works, to hold or expose a subconscious truth and beauty, creating a life of its own.“There is no single truth in Art, everyone holds their own truth which they have reaped through the life they have endured. Truth derives from a universal awareness.”

My Influences

I have always admired artists from the abstract expressionist movement. They're involvement in the practice of expressing ones internal self, validating the authentic self in an expressive practice as well as their ideals, abandoning form of previous artistic conventions in order to articulate the essential importance of their work. Artist like Pollock, Rothko, Kline, Kandinsky, Gorky and so forth have always had a profound impact on my artistic intentions and attitude towards my true artistic expression.

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