Artist Bio: Marlene Vogel

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Artist Bio - Marlene Vogel

Marlene Vogel grew up in a farming community and has always loved the out of doors. She has travelled extensively throughout Australia from the outback of Port Headland region, Western Australia to the tropical Daintree in North Queensland, and to the wildernesses of Tasmania and Flinders Island. Her respect and love of nature was strengthened while living overseas in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea for six years. She now lives in Melbourne.

When selecting a subject Marlene's style of painting is influenced heavily by the subject. She particularly enjoys nature and many of her works capture the beauty of the living and the tricks light plays. Not limited to the natural, Marlene also enjoys vintage cars and street scrapes.

She has received formal training under Carol Boothman (OAM) for many years until Carol's retirement, and now studies under Annie Edwards. Marlene believes you never stop learning.

My Influences

Marlene has been influenced by many artists. To see and be moved by a hidden beauty, then to capture it in an artwork is her passion. She exclaimed, "Yes!" To the following statement by Richard Schmid(Alla Prima II, 2013)

"If we stubbornly pursue excellence in our perceptions and skills we can offer paintings that nourish the human spirit rather than mock it as we have so often witnessed in the 20th century. We will do well to take a lesson from the great masters and create works beautiful and enduring in our minds and in the minds of posterity that a world without them could not be imagined."

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