Artist Bio: Mark Rusic

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Artist Bio - Mark Rusic

"I strive to paint beautiful paintings that impart life, hope, meaning, truth, joy, calm and healing.  

An energy and love work powerfully within me to create, as I paint. That love and energy first brought about my inner healing and then released my fuller potential and destiny. This is foundational in the DNA and purpose of all my art and poems, for all viewers.

So, I desire that those who see my paintings can mirror their vibe. I will never forget a man who bought my first batch of paintings and said: 'The vibrant colours and form of your paintings are helping me overcome my depression and anxiety.' 

And that's been my on-going experience ever since; not just producing exquisite, decorative art, but an art-tonic that ultimately helps catalyse and release dreams; (feel free to request a list of 200 of my local Australian and international  buyer testimonials which clearly show this.)"


-Mark was born in Melbourne, Australia.

-He has an engineering background with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

-He is a self taught artist, poet, photographer and an author.

-At secondary school various teachers identified his exceptional talent in art, and he won a few inter-school art competitions.

-2002-2011; Mark successfully sold his art mainly as prints of his originals on ebay.

-2011-2014; Suzuki Night Market in Melbourne as live painter.

-Feb 2014; First solo exhibition with paintings, photography and poetry at city of Melbourne Library.


 -Jan 2014; Mark published his first book called "Iconic Melbourne of Australia" a collection of his own paintings, photography, poetry and comments to release creativity.

-2014; 300 copies of Mark's "Iconic Melbourne of Australia" book were given as a gift to G20 summit delegates which were a part of the G20 summit held in Brisbane.

-2014-2017; prints of Mark's paintings from his Iconic Melbourne book were sold in the Melbourne Museum retail shop.  They were showcased in the main entrance and exit windows for about 8 months. His framed paintings and books occupied the entire window for about 3 months.

-2014-2017; Guest author-artist and guest speaker, overall about half a dozen times at Dymocks Bookstore in Camberwell, a hub for many best selling authors of Australia. (For example, John Howard, former prime minister launched his auto-biography the week after Mark's talk at this Dymocks store)

-Jan 2017; Mark published his second book titled "Iconic Animals of Australia- With a Voice to ReleaseYour Giant Potential Within." A similar format to Iconic Animals, with animal methaphor-lessons, that help release people's greater potential.

-Mark's books can be purchased at 'Spoilt Gift and Homeware' stores in Melbourne CBD, the Melbourne Zoo, various book stores including Readings, and on-line.                                                                   

-His Iconic Melbourne  book was also selling at some leading art supply shops, being show cased on the front counter for many months.

-2016-2018; Mark has been an active artist-author-public speaker at various clubs, with corporate clientele and touched on schools and libraries.

-2018, Mark determines to more proactive in focussing on selling his art for the long term. A leading gallery which has artists of strong national stature, has expressed interest to display Mark's work.


-I love working in oils impasto technique and have been greatly inspired by van Gogh. That means creating imposing works, with fantastic thick textures, vibrant complementing colours, which especially come alive with good lighting.

-I especially love painting iconic cities, landscapes or scenes, with various iconic themes or iconic moments.

-I also like seeing art accompanied with poetry and photography to impart extra meaning, purpose and energy. My ultimate goal is engender positive emotions to encourage people to release their dreams and goals.

-Leonardo da Vinci said: "Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen."


-2013; Mark was first commissioned by a Swiss owner, living in Geneva for a city-biking theme which has been a centre piece of his collection over the past five years.

-Mark is highly flexible to meet client needs and can paint to your size of choice.

-See Mark's Iconic Melbourne book to see his paintings and photography which may be adapted as a template for paintings of request.


1/ Show me your favourite scene and desired theme. Portaits or landscapes.

2/ I will give you a simple sketch to give an idea of subject matter and colour.

3/ If interested I then refine the sketch, and then paint a more refined version, within an agreed time frame.


-Contact Mark via email to receive a list of 200 buyer testimonials of his art. These testimonials clearly show that Mark's paintings were not only loved due their beauty, but consistently lifted people emotionally and enhanced positive thinking due to their spirit, energy, vibrancy and form. 

-Such emotions, as quoted directly and repeatedly from the testimonials include: joy, happiness, calm, peace, a vibe, excitement and an overall sense of hope.

-Mark likes what Henri Matisse said about art's purpose: "What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity, devoid of troubling or disturbing subject matter, an art which could be for every mental worker, for the business man as well as the man of letters, for example, a soothing, calming influence on the mind, something like a good armchair that provides relaxation from physcial fatigue."