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Still Life With Seedlings

Description : Acrylic, collage, mixed media. The sides are painted, 3.5cm wide, and the painting is ready to hang.

NRN # : 000-36650-0145-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 36.00 cm X Width - 36.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

Genre : Contemporary

Status : For Sale


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Copyright : © Marina Chamberlain


Framed: $340
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Based in Melbourne,  Marina draws inspiration from around her home and beyond, during walks and drives in the countryside.  Her garden flowers and foliage provide the inspiration for her still life paintings.

Although she works intuitively her work is always grounded in a particular scene or still life set up, and seeks to convey the mood of the subject at that time.  She has a strong emotional response to the birdlife and flora which animate the landscape and her paintings with infinite shapes, colours and patterns.

Marina works in a contemporary style, using acrylics with collage and other media, to construct a work of interest and vitality.

In New Zealand Marina was for some years a specialist art teacher for school children, and was a member of the Howick Art Society in Auckland.  She has exhibited at art shows throughout New Zealand, including Artworks Auckland, and was selected for the Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award in New Zealand.

Currently Marina is a member of the Creativity Cluster group of artists exhibiting in and around Melbourne.



February-March:   Exhibition at the Renew Geelong Concept Space

October 2nd-30th:   'On the Edge', Library at the Dock, Melbourne

Forthcoming exhibitions 2020:

Feb 28th - March 12th:  'Landscapes Real and Imagined', Louis Joel Gallery, Altona

Art Shows:

2015  Camberwell Art Show

2019  Bayside Art Show,  Warranwood Art Show, Flemington Art Show,

         Albert Park College Art Show, Portland Art Show


2019  Best Still Life, Warranwood Art Show

Artshow: The Warranwood Art Show 2019
Title: Wildflowers
Award: Best Still Life 2019