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Down For A Drink . Fliders Ranges .

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NRN # : 000-42122-0155-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 20.00 cm X Width - 42.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Mixed Media on Paper

Genre : Landscape

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Copyright : © Malcolm Arnold

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I had had a dream from the age of nine . I wnated to be an artist , nothing else in life interested me . In 1976 I left  my 'secure' job to follow my dream . When one follows their heart it seems that unknown doors continue to open and this is the case with my art career . It had its ups and downs , like in all walks of life but it always sustained me and led me on a great adventure . I journeyed to mostly the arid areas of my country . The majestic Flinders Ranges in South Australia and the glory that is the red centre . Uluru , Kata Tjuta , the west mac Donnell Ranges and palces far and wide in our desert regions .  I jouneyed to the Top End and the Kimberley all in search for inspiration for my art.

From the late 1960's till the late 1970s i ventured to the mid north of my home stae South Australia . I sat on location drawing large scale illustrations of old buildings , deserted farms and cottages . Ten years of just drawing with no colour used . It was a great discipline for me and generated my deep love for just drawing . Hans heysen once was quoted as saying that a person could not call themselves an artist unless they could draw . A sentiment i also believe in .

I have had joint and solo art exhibitions in every mainland stae and territory in Australia as well as in New Zealand , Nepal , Bangladesh and an invited show in New York . My work has been published in books , greeting cards , prints and poster forms . In 1987 i was invited by the Territory govt to hold a travelling exhibition to help the Northern territory celebrate Australia's bi-centenary. Two major works from that show were purchased for the museum of Arts and Sciences in Darwin for public showing . In 2000 is was commissioned to go to Bangladesh . There with my art and photography I was to produce a book on that country . BANGLADESH " sharing moments" was the result .I was also commissioned to produce two small bird ID books of the Top End and Red Centre of the Northern territory . These books have sold over 60,000 copies . Introducing novices to our wonderful birdlife is a great thrill for me and one I am proud of .

I hope you enjoy my variety of work as much as I enjoy doing it  Malcolm

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