Artist Bio: Lynn De Lacey Frost

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Artist Bio - Lynn De Lacey Frost


Born to a pioneering family in Africa (nee Lynne Bowker)  I grew up being immersed in the creation of nature on canvas, and veiwed it in all its extraordinary variety, depth, and luminescence, as constantly inspirational. Being on Zafari in Africa with my camera and sketch books is one of my favorite places. As a child, brought up in remote areas in Africa, I had plenty of time to study nature and was never without my pencils and paints. My aspirations were always encouraged by my mother and grandmother, who were both artists in their own right.

My early aspirations were rewarded with many First Second and Third prizes in my school years.

Living in a land where extreme poverty or wealth existed side by side, or where kindness and compassion were constant companions to cruelty, life was never dull. As I grew older, war ravaged the land, and my life took many twists and turns before I could finally pursue my passion for art and painting as a mature adult.

Now living in peace in a village on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, I paint, draw my beautiful surroundings and sometimes my earlier memories as well. I consider myself blessed to be able to pursue my passion in the creative art forms.

In gratitude, I donate 2% + of my sales to various agencies responsible for saving our wildlife and our planet through GreenPeace, David Shepherd WildLife Org.and AVAAZ.Org