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No Strings Attached, But Forget Me Not

Description : Quality acrylic paint on cradled wood panel. Protective satin spray varnish. Inspiration for this painting came from Dean Martin’s rendition of Gale Garnett’s 1966 song titled “We’ll Sing In The Sunshine”. We'll sing in the sunshine we'll laugh every day We'll sing in the sunshine and I'll be on my way I will never love you the cost of love's too dear But though I'll never love you I'll stay with you one year We can sing in the sunshine oh we'll laugh every day We'll sing in the sunshine and I'll be on my way I'll sing to you each morning and kiss you every night But darling don't cling to me I'll soon be out of sight And we can sing in the sunshine yeah we'll laugh every day We'll sing in the sunshine and I'll be on my way My daddy he once told me love can kill a man Just take what woman give you and give just what you can And you can sing in the sunshine you'll laugh every day You'll sing in the sunshine and be on your way And when our year has ended and I have gone away You'll often speak about me and this is what you'll say We sang in the sunshine you know we laughed every day We sang in the sunshine since he went away I have transferred my idea to an image on a wooden support, applying a limited colour palette with an emphasis on wood and its many gloriously rich hues. This painting has tested me on so many levels. I had no problems doing the unattached strings on the double bass, the violin and the marionettes, however I think a banjo or some other instrument with fewer strings would have been easier than the harp with its 47 strings! At the end of the day I must admit that I am absolutely thrilled with it. Do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. This painting is signed on the front and a laminated, numbered Certificate of Authenticity is included. NB. I have made every effort to show the absolute exact colours of this artwork, however please be aware that there may be slight variances when viewed on different computer screens etc. PLEASE NOTE: In the photos, where the painting is shown mounted on a wall, these are purely for illustrative purposes. You should review the dimension of the artwork to be sure the work suits your needs.

NRN # : 000-38424-0214-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 46.00 cm X Width - 61.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Wood

Genre : No Genre Entered

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Artist's Profile

I am an artist who thrives on variety and challenge. I have a passion for colour, vibrant or subdued, as is evident in my work.


My style is thematically and stylistically diverse, deliberate and intended.  It doesn't fit happily under a single descriptor as it encompasses whimsical, surreal and the absurd.  I like to think that a unique and often quirky perspective on that which surrounds my subject matter, or me, ties my work together.


As an artist my greatest challenge is to produce paintings that transfer my abstract ideas and mental visions to tangible images on canvas.  I create my images from ideas and inspirations derived from eclectic sources such as common phrases, play on words, juxta positioning objects with objects and animals with objects, homonyms, colour journeys and from nature itself.

The paintings are an expression of elegance with the slightly surreal suggestions of gentle movement.  I pay particular attention to placement, exploration into colour and composition in each artwork.  To achieve these results I use various techniques such as pointillism, sponging, impasto work and am never afraid to try new methods to produce each piece.


I am an intuitive artist who remains seriously committed to my art and I intend to continue exploring ideas, processes and techniques for many years to come. 


My works have been exhibited in Solo & Group exhibitions in art galleries and art shows in Canberra, Bungendore Fine Art, West Wyalong, Grenfell, Queanbeyan, Corowa and Coolamon. 


Works are held in private collections in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Mackay, Girral, Narranderra, West Wyalong, Forbes, Wagga Wagga, St Helens Qld and Broulee NSW.


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