Artist Bio: Lindsay Mc Dougall

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Artist Bio - Lindsay Mc Dougall

Born in Coburg in 1954, I had always been interested in art but did not really start to paint until in my mid 20's. As an artist my focus tended towards landscape painting and portraiture, although still life and floral paintings are also an interest for me.

My first introduction into art was around 5 or 6 years old, my older cousin teaching me how to draw, Disney characters, on my grandmothers’ front porch. I was always sketching and drawing but over time became more interested in painting

I was fortunate enough to become friends with Herman Pekel, an exceptional all-round artist. His loose almost abstract interpretations inspired me and his great knowledge and generosity helped me move forward into my own artistic style

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I use many different mediums, such as watercolour, acrylics, and pencil and charcoal. I prefer watercolour and tend to paint in acrylics using a watercolour wash approach.  I love art that creates emotionfor the viewer. While not always successful, I always strive to create work that has something different from just a copy of my subject. 

My Influences

Contemporary art and impressionism.

I have been inspired by current Artists, Herman Pekel and Alvaro Castagnet among many other extremely talented artist

My Artshow Awards

Artshow: Boxhill Rotary Art Show
Title: Dreaming
Award: Best work on paper to $1500.00
Sponsor: Robinson Gill Lawyers
Prize: 1000
Artshow: Hobsons Bay Art Show
Title: Storm Clouds
Award: Highly commended
Artshow: Whitehorse Art Show 2023
Title: Dreaming
Award: Best on Paper up to 1,500
Sponsor: Robinson Gill Lawyers
Prize: $1,000
Artshow: The Knox Art Exhibition 2023
Title: Eildon Morning
Award: Best Painting (All Mediums) - Value $501 to $1000
Prize: $500

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