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Sorrento Back Beach 12

Description : None

NRN # : 000-36068-0251-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 76.00 cm X Width - 76.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Oil on Canvas

Genre : Seascape

Status : Sold

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Copyright : © Li Zhou



“I paint with my heart, to express my thoughts, to rejoice in sadness.”

Li Zhou was born in Shanghai and realised her love of expression through art at an early age. During her secondary school years she studied watercolours under artist Christopher Wu, a professional painter in the world's most influential portrait gallery in New York (PORTRAITS, INC.). Following her inspiration, she enrolled at the University of Shanghai to complete a Fine Arts Degree as well as qualifications in Fashion Design.

Since arriving in Australia, Li has successfully pursued a career in fashion, all the while yearning to spend more time expressing herself on canvas. After a personal pilgrimage to Europe, journeying through the landscapes and galleries of the Masters, she returned to painting as a professional artist in 2012.

Many of her works pursue the theme of women and Li uses her own language of painting to express primitive and complex inner thoughts. The concept is not of superficial beauty in female form; Li is conveying a silent and powerful energy. This is the process of finding her way. Li’s works appear in private collections in Victoria, interstate and internationally. She has also won numerous awards."


(B.A. (Fine Arts) College of Fine Arts University of Shanghai.


  • “Best Oil “ at  MAS Autumn Exhibition 2019
  •  Finalist of The Art Lovers Prize 2019 
  • Finalist of Mavis Little Artist of The Year Award 2018 
  •  “Frist Prize Winner” at Noble Park Art Show 2018
  • “Best Traditional Work under $1,500"at the Camberwell Art Show  2018
  • “Best in Show “at MAS Autumn Exhibition 2018
  •  Best Painting at Value $500-1000, any Medium at Knox Art Exhibition 2018
  • “Highly Recommended” award at RMPS Art Show 2017

  • “Best still life “ at MAS Spring Exhibition 2017
  • “Best work in Show “- The Piggott-Higgins James Mann Assoc’s prize at theHobson’s Bay Art Show 2017
  • “Best Painting at Valua $600, any Medium” at Bayside Art Show 2017
  •  “First Highly Commended” award at Memories Exhibition 2017
  • “Best Oil Painting” at Bayside Art Show 2015,
  • “Best Oil Painting” at Box Hill Rotary Art Show 2015,
  • “Second Best in Show” at Roberts Mc Cubbin Art Show 2015,“Highly Recommended” award at Box Hill Art Show 2014.
  • “Highly Recommended” award at Box Hill Art Show 2014.
Artshow: The Bayside Art Show 2015
Title: Gilderoy Via Yarra Junction
Award: Best Oil Painting
Prize: 750
Artshow: The Bayside Art Show 2017
Title: Sorrento Back Beach
Award: Best Painting to the value of $600, any medium
Artshow: Mermories Exhibition 2017
Title: Tranquility
Award: First Hightly Commended
Artshow: Boxhill Art Show 2014
Title: Portsea
Award: Highly Recommended
Artshow: The Hobsons Bay Art Show 2017
Title: Grandpas Fishing Bag
Award: Best in Show
Sponsor: James W Mann & Associate
Prize: 2500
Artshow: The Bayside Art Show 2017
Title: Sorrento Back Beach
Award: Best Painting to the value of $600
Prize: 500
Artshow: Spring Exhibition 2017
Award: Best still life
Sponsor: Malvern Artists’ Society
Artshow: The Knox Art Exhibition 2018
Award: Best Painting - All Mediums - $500 to $1000
Prize: 500.00
Artshow: Camberwell Art Show 2018
Title: Grandpas Fishing Bag
Award: Best Traditional Work under $1,500
Sponsor: Twelve Bottles
Prize: $1,000
Artshow: MAS Autumn Exhibition 2019
Title: Dressing Room
Award: Best Oil