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Burning Birches

Description : Birch trees with fire approaching in the distance.

NRN # : 000-38265-0197-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 50.00 cm X Width - 50.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Mixed Media on Hardwood

Genre : Abstract

Status : For Sale


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Copyright : © Karen Puttock

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Un-Framed: $300
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My art work is mixed media. I am an experimental artist and use a variety of substrates and mediums to achieve my desired results. Mediums include acrylic paints and inks, alcohol inks, pouring agents and epoxy resin sealant. Some of my painting surfaces include canvas, acetate, ceramics and yupo.

I am inspired by colour, different textures and ideas.

I am encouraged by people who push the boundaries, who are original in their techniques and ideas. 

I like to think I’m doing the same.

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