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Description : Using the amazingly intricate crocheted table cloths and doilies I inherited as inspiration I have matched each stitch and brought them to bright, colourful and stunning life through these unique hand drawn artworks. This artwork in drawn on quality smooth artist hard paper and is unframed. Please note the backing paper is creamy white colour and doesn't have the grey tinge it photographs as.

NRN # : 000-39524-0266-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 35.00 cm X Width - 46.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Ink on Paper

Genre : Drawing

Status : For Sale


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Copyright : © Karen Haskard


Un-Framed: $140
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Personal Details:

Karen Haskard (owner of business Decor:Art:Design)

Findon SA


0475 218 622 or 0410455634

Karen is a visual artist from South Australia. Karen like to experiment with her art and develop new types of creation.

Originally Karen drew in pencil and charcoal but she has branched out into intricate pen drawings, collages and pastel art.

Karen has also used digital programs to bring even more colour and sparkle to some of her original watercolur work.

Karen has recently qualified as an Interior Designer and now has her own business Decor:Art:Design.

Drawings and pastels:

Karen's drawings are hand drawn and she uses a variety of colour pencil, graphite, pastel ink pen or charcoal.

She likes to draw the beauty of nature and natural things to bring them to life on the page. When she draws animals she likes to bring them to life through their unique colours and the depth of their eyes. 

Karen has also drawn a colourful range of floral pastel drawings that have a stylised softness and pretiness as well as a delightful flood of colour.


Karen's Mum has always held a special place in her life. Karen's Mum had a life ling love of craft and she never threw anything away as it "might come in handy one day". When her Mum had to move Karen faced the mammoth task of going through her Mum's craft cabinets. Whilst not being a crafter herself Karen could see that these craft supplies were too good to throw out. Appealing to her love of recycling and upcycling Karen decided to use these items to make artworks; to make even the simplest piece of ribbon a pretty piece of art.

This is how Karen's collage came to life and she thoroughly enjoyed creating, upcycling and recycling beautiful, colourful and joyous artworks that will brighten any room.

Ink Drawings:

Karen's family have always held a special place in her life. She has been lucky enough to inherit gorgeous lacework from her Great-Grandma

The amazingly intricate and perfectly crotcheted tablecloths and doilies became the inspiration for a series of Karen's artwork.

Creatively using the lacework designs and matching each stitch, Karen has brought them to bright, colourful and stunning life through her unique hand drawn artworks.

For Karen it has been a stitch through time and she has enjoyed the connection she felt with her Great-Grandma. Through the generations came a connection to be treasured.

Digital Prints:

Karen was intrigued by the flow of acrylic paints in water and by drawing with watercolour pencils. From these orginal designs she created digital artworks by photographing the art pieces and adding digital colour and effects to the prints that enhanced the designs and even brought to the surface elements previously unseen. 

Artshow: All Women Exhibition
Title: 1960s Woman Model 19-16
Award: Special Recognition Award
Sponsor: Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery USA
Artshow: Abstracts Art Exhibition
Title: Blossoms In Summer
Award: Special Merit Category
Sponsor: Light Space and Time Online Gallery
Artshow: Abstracts Art Exhibition
Title: Blue Butterflies
Award: Special Recognition Category
Sponsor: Light Space and Time Online Gallery
Artshow: Abstracts Art exhibition
Title: Pastel Heaven
Award: Special Recognition Category
Sponsor: Light Space and Time Online Gallery
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