Artist Bio: Julie Kala

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Artist Bio - Julie Kala

Hope you enjoy my art.

I was born and raised in Finley NSW, spending my childhood on our dairy farm. I attended Finley High School and would spend as much time as I could in the art room, as I wasnt very academic, I would try to gain extra marks for my essays by creating an elaborate drawing to get my meaning across, its usually worked! Once I finished Year 11 l I completed a secretarial course at the local TAFE then went straight into the workforce. 

Not being able to train or study art has, I think, made me develop my own style and I have always had a some type of creative outlet as a hobby.

Last year I decided to create a Face book page just for my art and post a picture of something I had drawn or painted, or at least started,  each day for the whole of 2019. I really did this to get myself back into the swing of sketching and to focus on my art.

Regards to my style, I tend to use reference photos I have taken myself or photos from friends they have given me permission to use. I really love the opportunity to sketch from life, so, when time permits, I try to go into the bush or country towns to discover old sheds, houses or just sketch the beautiful scenery.

I have only added my current paintings to Gallery247, but I also have many pencil sketches and pen drawings . Iam starting to dabble in watercolours and also going back to paint in oils. If you would like to check out all my art you can follow me on my instagram account: JulieKalaArt or like my FB Page: Julie Kala Art 

I will take commissions, orders, but cost will depend on the medium and size of painting, please contact me if you are interested so we can discuss. Just flagging, I am not keen on painting portraits, will do a few for friends, but prefer not to take them on commissions.

I also attend the Castlemaine Artist Market in Victoria, first Sunday of the month, where I display a large range of sketches, painting and prints of some of my art via cards. (Please note this market is cancelled till futher notice due to current lockdowns and social distancing)

My Influences

My main influences were my Uncle Digger and artist, Eric Joliffe.

Digger would paint as a hobby and would only give away his paintings, never wanted to sell them,  his style was of old gum trees and Australian bush, he also love Eric Jolliffe and would buy "Jolliffe's Outback" books and after he read them would give theses to my dad and of course I would "borrow" them to look at the sketches, I occasionally understood the humour but usually it when over my head!

When I was a teenager, Uncle Digger gave me a present of a set of oils and encouraged me to paint whatever I wanted  and show him the result, my first thought was to copy any of Eric Jolliffes pictures.

I do love the 60/70s painting of the bush and large gum trees and are amazed some of the paintings are just a few brush strokes or pallets knife but look so alive and still look fresh after 40 years.

I have seen a few artists style that I love but I mainly want to develop my own style and now like to work from reference photos or life. I do like to challenge myself  with different mediums and use of variety of subjects but I do like to occasionally go back to "Jolliffe's style" in my pencil sketches every so often.

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