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Tree Hugging I & Ii (wonder Series)

Description : My favourite place on the farm is where I fell in love with pine trees, It is here that I became a tree hugger (and still am). There wasn’t a climb to the top that didn’t include belting out the tune from the Carpenters “I'm on top of the world". A song that still can transport me back to that moment in an instant. These paintings are inspired by those moments. I included pine cones, bark and needle branch in my tool selection to create the textures so to further embody that connection. .....I am very excited to release the beginning of my Wonder Series, as it’s a big part of who I am. The Wonder Series is inspired by my farm life. I was born in Australia to immigrant parents, they bought a farm in South Australia and it was here I spent my pre teenage years. Having a free spirited personality there wasn’t much left undiscovered and keeping me indoors was almost impossible. The artwork is finished in two coats of a satin varnish for protection. See other listings to purchase individually Tree Hugging I & Tree Hugging II Find behind the scenes photos on Instagram @artbyjchuquis

NRN # : 000-43640-0155-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 152.00 cm X Width - 102.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Abstract

Status : For Sale


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Copyright : © Julia Chuquis


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Art for me is a way to express deep emotion when words cannot.
I love painting abstract pieces, as it comes from a place within me that I know is connected to the source of all things.
Spending time in nature is very special to me, it reminds me to see the wonder in everything,
exploring for new tools and finding new ways to apply colours and texture, and it is here where I source my inspiration.
My artwork has evolved into a fusion of my love for interior design and my intuitive connection, through brush strokes, textures and colours that brings life and meaning to my paintings.
I title my artwork to reflect what inspired me when creating each painting, and I hope it invokes the viewer's individual emotions and induces further exploration and personal interpretation.


♦ Adelaide Central School of Art

♦ Milan Art Institute

♦ Newmarch Gallery Exhibition 2021

♦ Walkerville Art Show 2021

♦ Glenside Art Show 2021

♦ Somers Art Fair, Vic 2021

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