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River Walk

Description : This is a walk along the river in Mosman Park WA. I love this little track, as it winds it's way along the river. The smell from the native shrubs and the sparkling blue water with the healing warmth from the sun makes it always a great place to be.

NRN # : 000-45621-0138-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 56.00 cm X Width - 38.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Watercolour on Paper

Genre : Impressionist

Status : For Sale


Copyright : © Jill Bryant


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A Fremantle artist, temporarily living in Brisbane. Born and raised in Perth Western Australia. Jill's passion for painting began at a very early age and whose abilities met with reward time and again throughout her school years being awarded Dux at two separate art institutions. Although events such as personal tragedy, raising a family, living as a volunteer worker interstate and overseas have punctuated Jill's life all such experiences have enriched her in one way or another allowing a deeper expression to manifest itself in her art.

Her love of watercolour has allowed a basis for creativity to develop and along with her appreciation for the Australian landscape and it's unique hues Jill's fascination with form and texture of both the animate and inanimate and the ever changing outcome colour and light can have on those elements continually inspires her.

It is Jill's hope and desire that her paintings are loved by others to the same degree as the enjoyment she derives from the creative journey on which each artwork takes her.


2017 - Lawley Events

2016 - Just Add Water - Solo Exhibition, Tradewinds Hotel

2015 - IGA Perth Royal Show

2015 - Deloitte Spring Rose Exhibition

2014 - Blink of an Eye, The Tresillian

2013 - Illumination, The Tresillian

2013 - Abstract Art, The Tresillian

2004 - Royal George Hotel Resident Artist's Exhibition

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