Artist Bio: Jie Zhou

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Artist Bio - Jie Zhou

Academic Background:

2015           Advanced Seminar of Tempera Painting

                   Central Academy of Fine Arts (China)

2009-2012  The Department of Oil Painting

                   Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China)

                   Under the guidance of Sandro Trotti (a tenure professor of Rome University of Fine Arts).

1997           Graduated from The Department of Printmaking

                   Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China).

Exhibitions and Accomplishments:

  • 2019 Camberwell Art Show

           (Melbourne, Australia)

  • 2018 Palette Exhibition

           (E-Hives Gallery, Melbourne, Australia)

  • 2015 The 4th Dafen National Oil Painting Exhibition


  • 2014 The 2nd"Pilgrimage of Dunhuang" National Art Exhibition

           (Beijing, China)

  • 2014 The 1st National Gouache Painting Exhibition

           (Shijiazhuang, China)

  • 2014 The 1st International Young Artists Exhibition (Zhongshan)


  • 2014 Spoleto Art Festival (Italy)
  • 2014 China(Shenzhen)International Culture Industries Fair (ICIF)
  • 2014 Joint Exhibition of Arts by Qian-Jiang Museum of Art (China)
  • 2013 Joint Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Shi-Jing-Yi Museum of Art (China)
  • At the East- The Special Exhibition of Sandro Trotti and His Students (China)
  • The Thirteenth Nationwide Bookplate (Ex Libris) Exhibition (China)
  • The Seventh Nationwide Bookplate (Ex Libris) Exhibition (China)
  • China Printmaking Exhibition (China)
  • Shenzhen Female Painting Artists Exhibition (China)
  • Hong Kong Bookplate (Ex Libris) Exhibition (Hong Kong)
  • Asian Bookplate (Ex Libris) Exhibition (Taiwan)
  • The Fourteenth World Bookplate (Ex Libris) Exhibition (Czechoslovakia)

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