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A Wish Upon The Stars

Description : This beautiful dragon is set amongst a backdrop of the night sky with stunning stars shining bright. Artist Quality Pastel Pencils and Soft Pastels on Clarefontaine Pastelmat. Reference photos used with permission from Jorgen Asteberg and Pixabay.

NRN # : 000-37750-0175-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 25.00 cm X Width - 35.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Pastel on Paper

Genre : Animals

Status : Sold


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Copyright : © Jessica Curry


I am a self-taught Nature artist based in the Hunter Valley, Australia. I love painting detailed birds, animals and flowers. I am fascinated with the spectacular beauty that surrounds us everyday. My favourite mediums to paint in are Soft Pastels, Coloured Pencils, Watercolours and Charcoal. 

Through my art I hope to show the spectacular beauty that surround us every day. By showing people how intriguing nature can be, I hope to inspire people to appreciate how important the natural environment is. To inspire them to find ways to care for the environment and protect native habitats for Endangered Species. My subject matter Nature focuses on flora and fauna. I love painting interesting species from all over the world. It is my hope that after viewing my art viewers will be inspired to open their eyes and look more carefully at the world around them, to see the incredible beauty that surrounds them everyday even in the unlikeliest of places. 

I love to capture how the light reflects off the subject highlighting its beauty, I believe it is often the most common things in nature that can be the most beautiful. I create detailed paintings of Nature with Soft Pastels as my favourite medium. I use a range of techniques combining both blending and detailed brushstrokes to try to capture the spark of beauty and personality within the subject. I especially love to paint Endangered Species, highlighting the struggle they face as a species on the brink of extinction. 

I've had Chronic Illnesses and Chronic Pain since I was 15 years old. I have found that painting helps me escape the pain, to focus and channel those negative feelings of helplessness and uselessness into a positive creative outlet. I discovered my love of painting later in life so I have only been painting since 2014. Due to my ongoing health problems I have been unable to attend formal art education or even attend local art classes so I am a self-taught artist. I have lived in the Hunter Valley my whole life, I live near a flowing creek, where native birds and animals often frequent, especially at dusk and dawn. I am both spoilt and inspired by their incredible beauty and uniqueness as they visit the creek to drink or sit in the branches of the trees. 

Artshow: Town of Murals Art Show
Title: Sunlit Glow
Award: First Prize in Flowers Section
Sponsor: Weston Workers Club
Prize: $500
Artshow: Town of Murals Art Show
Title: Shadowed Glow
Award: First Prize Flowers/Still Life
Sponsor: Merryl Swanson
Prize: 500










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