Artist Bio: Jane Batley Bowles

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Artist Bio - Jane Batley Bowles

Portraiture has always fascinated me and in my current practice, I endeavour to process this. I work in various mediums. Pencil, Pastels, Charcoal, Lino Cuts, Oil on Canvas/Canvas paper, Patina, Graphite, sculpting in Clay, then making a cast of the original in Plaster.

Jane has studied at Adelaide Central School of Art, when it was based at Norwood, and Bapea Art School, Bowden. Jane obtained an Advanced Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing. Jane was previously heavily involved with Playground Drama Group, a hub of artists, writing, developing and performing plays together. Jane has had an interest in drama, hence writing Radio Drama Plays and wrote, produced, and directed a pilot radio script ‘Obsession’ by Radio Adelaide Station 96.1. 


2002 Pencil on Paper, Portait ‘PIXIES’ Medea Play 2002 Fringe Festival

2008 Pencil on Paper, Portrait '3 GENERATIONS'

2013 Oil Painting, Portrait ‘JULIAN’ at Bapea ‘Desire 5’ Exhibition

2019 Pencil on Paper, Portrait ‘FATHER AND DAUGHTER’

2022 Pencil on Paper, Portrait ‘BABY RUBY’ 


2009 Pencil on paper, Portrait 'BATHING BEAUTY'

2016 Pencil on Paper, Portait (Untitled) 'COUPLE'

2018 Pencil on paper, Portrait 'SIXTIES REUNION'

2020 Pencil, Pastels on Paper, Portrait 'Y0UNG EDWARD'

2020 Pencil, Charcoal on Paper, Animal ‘NEW FOREST HORSES’

2021 Pencil on Paper, Portrait ‘BABY SHIVANI’

2022 Pencil on Paper, Portrait ‘YOUNG SHIVANI’                  

My Influences

Influenced by many of the Greats, Michelangelo, Del Kathryn Barton, Susan Seddon Boulet, Arthur Rackham, John Anster Fitzgerald, and Odilon Redon to name a few.

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