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Cities: Downburst

Description : Cities is a series of abstract textile paintings, originally the series started as an exploration of mixed materials. This exploration then morphed into an observation of the extreme weather patterns that Brisbane was experiencing at the end of 2023 and the start of 2024. Each painting looks at different weather patterns that were noticed throughout this time. The artwork consists of multiple layers of fabrics, liquid latex, and white paint. This painting can be viewed in any direction if wished.

NRN # : 000-45562-0139-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 45.00 cm X Width - 45.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Mixed Media on Canvas

Genre : Abstract

Status : Not Currently for Sale Online

Copyright : © Isobel K Jarousek


Not Currently for Sale Online

Isobel is a Brisbane-based emerging artist with a multidisciplinary design background, in 2021 Isobel won the Award for “The Outstanding Creative Experimentation and Innovation in Interactive and Visual Design Award” for her installation work and thesis '#totallynotsexist'. This creative work focused on “the intersection of art and design”, this exploration has reinforced her art practice of today.
Isobel is a feminist artist, her artwork focuses on a number of themes that are associated with the human experience (eg: fate, hopelessness, loss, beauty ect) and societal issues (eg: everyday sexism, violence against women ect.). She represents these themes in several forms, from installations to 3D sculptures, assemblages, and digital artworks. Many of her artworks include ordinary or mundane objects that have been altered into something new, usually confounding, and sometimes beautiful but strange. Isobel’s artwork also incorporates the human figure or the absence of the human figure. This is done through performance elements, interactive elements with the viewers, and/or the placement/setting of objects within installations and artworks.
Isobel is open to collaborations, art commissions, and sales of her artworks - note that not all artwork is to be sold, please email Isobel to get in touch. 
In 2023 Isobel’s artwork 'It’s not what it seems to be' was a part of 30 finalist artists at the TRAILS Exhibition in Portland Victoria, Australia, this artwork was shown in the month of April. This is her first artwork to be shown in a gallery space.
 In July of 2023 Isobel showed and sold two of her artworks - 'Stacked Rocks 2.0' and 'Melting Rocks', at the Mount View Art Show in Melbourne. 
In November 17 - December 15 of 2023 'Ghost Chair' was shown at the Art of Imagination show being held at Petrie Terrace Gallery of the Royal Queensland Art Society​​​​​​​.
 January 2 - February 4 of 2024, Isobel was lucky enough to be re-accepted into another art show named Hidden Gems held at Petrie Terrace Gallery of the Royal Queensland Art Society with two artworks 'Cities: Cloudy 'and 'It's a Doll Eat Doll World'
In April 12- 14 of 2024, Isobel showcased two of her artworks from her Cities collection of textile paintings 'Cloudy' and 'Sunny' at the Kilmore Art Expo in Victoria.
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