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Chris Marshall - Nature Nurtures


Created by : Chris Marshall

These artworks with a message are inspired by the amazing regenerative powers of Mother Nature as she protects and heals the earth and it's inhabitants.  If you can take the time to breathe, slow down, connect with and nurture nature, she will most certainly nurture you too.

Artworks Shown in Collection: 4

Some Art from the "Chris Marshall - Nature Nurtures" collection

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Chris Marshall - Abstracts


Created by : Chris Marshall

Each one of my expressive abstract paintings is absolutely unique, the result of an intuitive, exploratory journey.

Starting from mark-making in an abstract expressionist style, I continually turn the painting around, build layers adding and subtracting and letting the image evolve as it wants with some of the history showing through. Unlike my semi-abstract paintings (inspired by nature), these abstracts are not in any series. Even if I start 3 at the same time with the same colours and mark-making tools, each one will go on a journey of its own.

Artworks Shown in Collection: 11

Some Art from the "Chris Marshall - Abstracts" collection

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Chris Marshall - Small Paintings (up to 30cm)


Created by : Chris Marshall

This collection is based purely on size - it contains small paintings with the longest side up to 12 inches (30.48 cms).

The paintings are mainly abstracts, often experimental (trying out techniques, colour combinations, new media etc) pushing boundaries or just for exploration and relaxation. Price is based on size.

Each painting also appears in one of my themed collections.

Artworks Shown in Collection: 14

Some Art from the "Chris Marshall - Small Paintings (up to 30cm)" collection

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Chris Marshall - Nature Walks


Created by : Chris Marshall

The artworks in this collection are inspired by the specific places that are mentioned in their individual descriptions. Slowing down and really becoming part of nature has always been my way of regeneration - I talk about listening to the sounds of silence but in reality you get such a heightened awareness of all your senses, especially when walking in the forest or on an isolated beach.

Artworks Shown in Collection: 4

Some Art from the "Chris Marshall - Nature Walks" collection

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Chris Marshall - Inspired by Nature


Created by : Chris Marshall

This collection is made up of individual abstract or semi-abstract artworks inspired by nature (that don't belong to any of my more specific nature-inspired series - Ningaloo, Shaped by Nature. Nature Walks, Nature Nurtures or Out of the PIndan).

Artworks Shown in Collection: 15

Some Art from the "Chris Marshall - Inspired by Nature" collection

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Chris Marshall - Shaped by Nature


Created by : Chris Marshall

I keep coming back to the concept of nature as a sculptor. I'm fascinated by the way time, tide, weather etc form an everchanging landscape - the amazing shapes, colours, abstracts of the natural world.

In this ongoing series of semi-abstract artworks I'm emulating and interpreting the forces of nature and nature's processes rather than portraying a specific scene. 

Artworks Shown in Collection: 12

Some Art from the "Chris Marshall - Shaped by Nature" collection

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Chris Marshall - Ningaloo


Created by : Chris Marshall

My semi-abstract, intuitive artworks are often inspired by the mysterious underwater world of the incredible but fragile Ningaloo Reef and coastal area near Exmouth in Western Australia; the flashes of light and movement of sea creatures, the weird ephemeral shapes which you can imagine as all sorts of things maybe watching you and the beautiful, twinkling colours ... we are passionate about protecting Ningaloo

There have been 13 artworks so far in my popular Ningaloo series - these ones are available.

Artworks Shown in Collection: 5

Some Art from the "Chris Marshall - Ningaloo" collection

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Chris Marshall - Out of the Pindan


Created by : Chris Marshall

Inspired by the emerging landforms of the stunning Kimberley Coast

In this collection I'm exploring the way that the red oxide pindan soil of the arid/tropical Kimberley Coast erodes and breaks up allowing incredible new and very different landforms to emerge.

The Kimberley Coast in the North West of Western Australia is what inspired me to take up art in the first place. We head up there most years and I'm always blown away by the huge tides, striking colours and spectacular landforms. It's ancient too; you see so many "traces of time" geologically speaking. And I'm absolutely intrigued that in many places you can see new landforms emerging from the eroding red pindan soil - I always talk about seeing "landscapes being born" and what I mean is actual evidence of nature constantly sculpting away.

This is such a harsh, coastal environment. Water causes deep crevices to appear in the deep red pindan dunes and you often see bright green creepers and the occasional bit of scrubby vegetation in the cracks causing even more damage. The relentless movement of the tides (sometimes over 10 metres) reaching up then falling back down, constantly undercutting and moving the soil means that the low parts of the dunes look very different to the top.

These artworks are intended to be semi-abstract with a raw, very organic look suggesting major signs of erosion and instability caused by the forces of nature (rain, wind, scrubby vegetation and constant movement of the sea). I've used different shapes and sizes and lots of gorgeous earthy colours and blues for a baked-earth look contrasted with the constant movement of cool water.  Bright green representing the surprising creepers often appears too - I'm just so fascinated with how they not only manage to survive but often look lush.

All of the paintings in this collection emulate and interpret nature's processes rather than depict an actual scene. I'm working outdoors, pretty wet and rough, with organic markmaking tools (picked up in my garden), palette knives and doing heaps of moulding with my fingers. All are heavily layered and I’ve let water find its own path over and over again (I'm a huge fan of the drip!). I leave the canvases to dry in our hot sun and wind. I also tear collage papers I’ve created by sopping up liquid in the early layers, scrape through them and let them crease. There’s nothing too neat in the Kimberley so I’ve used very few brushstrokes on these canvases!

I don’t feel that I’m done with this landscape yet. I think there will be another collection at some stage but for now please enjoy my obsession …



Artworks Shown in Collection: 10

Some Art from the "Chris Marshall - Out of the Pindan" collection

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