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Description : relief art - plaster - patina finish painting with natural method (silver -black)

NRN # : 000-40248-0143-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 70.00 cm X Width - 90.00 cm ) - Weight 5.00kg

TYPE : Sculptures

Medium on Base : Other

Genre : Animal

Status : For Sale


Copyright : © Homayoun Naderi Far


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Homayoun is an exceptionally talented artist who produces unique hand-sculpted 3D wall mural designs . (Relief)

(relief (plural reliefs) A type of sculpture or other artwork in which shapes or figures protrude from a flat background. The apparent difference in elevation in the surface of a painting or drawing made noticeable by a variation in light or color.)

Born in Urmia in West Azerbayjan (Iran), Homayoun’s creative skills developed from a young age where he was surrounded by one of the oldest and richest art heritages in the world.  In Iran he studied Engineering but when he graduated he followed his passion for design opening an Interior Design business in Urmia.  It was during this time that Homayoun refined his sculpturing skills using mediums such as plaster .  

Whilst in Urmia, Homayoun also became a well-respected human rights and political activist.  It was for these beliefs that Homayoun was incarcerated by the Iranian government and was forced to flee his homeland migrating to Australia four years ago.

Popular in Russia and dating back to the Renaissance this style of wall art is not commonly found in Australia.  In Azeri, Homayoun’s native language, the art form is called (Barelyef OR qorelyef) ( naghsh barjasteh Gachi) but Homayoun refers to it simply as 3D wall art or Plaster Art. This seems an inadequate name for the complex and layered creations which are often inspired by memories and symbols from Homayoun’s homeland.

Homayoun has started his own business – Arta Décor Melbourne which he hopes will successfully showcase his customised artworks. “I can do anything from portraits to fluid designs, geometric shapes and corporate branding.  I work with many different mediums including canvas, wood, metal and of course plaster. “

For more information on Homayoun and his artworks please contact Megan Rothwell-Jones, MRJ Events and Public Relations on 0422-514-070.

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