Artist Bio: Holley Ryan

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Artist Bio - Holley Ryan

I am very fond of pencils in all forms, love pastels and enjoy acrylics and watercolours. I am a self taught artist, I have always been drawn to create portraiture. My style is realistic, sometimes painterly, my illustrations are creative and unique.
My artistic journey has led me on several paths throughout my life including graphic design / typesetter, commissioned illustrator, commissioned portrait artist and professional tattooer. I am also very fond of photography and crochet.
I love playing with colours, putting a vision to paper/canvas which ultimately changes as I create and comes together as a piece of art I've poured myself into. That is what art really is, a piece of yourself entwined into something magical I believe.

My Influences

I am inspired by all things, colours, a thought, things people say to me sometimes spark ideas

My Artshow Awards

Artshow: 2018 The Rotary Club of Portland Inc. 36th Portland Art Show
Title: Lola
Award: Encouragement Award
Artshow: The Rotary Club of Hamilton North Inc. 39th Annual Art Show 2019
Title: The Knight
Award: Highly Commended

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