Artist Bio: Glenn Austen

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Artist Bio - Glenn Austen

My name is Glenn austen, I am a local mixed media artist creating original artwork inspired by nature combining plaster, sand, resin and acrylic paint, applied in a variety of methods such as palette knife, spray can, brushes and air brushing.

I have always had a passion for being creative and love being able to create something beautiful from nothing. I have progressed my style to produce art with depth that can be appreciated from every angle.

Combining the four elements water, earth, air and fire as in the way nature creates the natural beauty formed over millions of years is ultimately my inspiration in utilising these elements when creating scenes of fire, water, air and earth. Using sand and plaster as the earth element. Water is represented by the flow and transparency using resin. The fire element is utilising a heat gun and blow torch for finishing techniques combined with air to create waves.

After finishing art at year 12 in the year 2000 I pursued art as a hobby while following another passion of mine becoming a qualifed clinical Myotherapist, having now worked in the industry for 20 years i have recently rekindled my love for art and have become enchanted by the process to the point now where i am ready to share it with everyone who can enjoy it.

My Influences

After have the opportunity to travel to many places around he world I have always been most impressed with natural beauty, despite the great efforts of all the amazing artists and designers this world has brought forth, Natural undoubtly trumps them all with creating what is truely amazing. This is my primary influence. I am and have appreciated many styles of art, artists like Salvador Dali, Antoni Gaudi have certainly impressed me along with many modern artists that have found their niche and execute it well is always to be commended.

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