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NRN # : 000-40838-0140-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 60.00 cm X Width - 255.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Oil on Canvas

Genre : Abstract

Status : For Sale

Copyright : © Gilles Poirier


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My name is Gilles Poirier and I use the Irish version of my name for my artist pseudo “Crann Piorr’Art”. Poirier means Pear Tree in English and Crann Piorra in Irish.

I started painting in 1989 after an unsuccessful experience with a saxophone and immediately enjoyed the feeling being with my brushes in front of a canvas.

Art Schools:

1991-1993: Atelier des beaux arts de la ville de Paris.

1989-1990: Ecole de peinture à Dendermonde - Belgique.

In 1989 en 1990, I was a student in Dendermonde Art School in Belgium where I lived at that time. Figurative art and portrait were not what I really wanted to do.

From 1991, back living in Paris, I registered as a student in the Atelier des Beaux Arts de la ville de Paris for 2 years in a free expression course.

My Paintings:

Panic in the city (1990 – 2013)

My first paintings beside my early work and school work is grouped in the collection “Panic in the city”. In these paintings, I played with the perspectives and different angles of the same city and the same church. I did all of these paintings between 1990 and 1992 but mainly on paper during my art school in Paris and most of them were damaged when glued on canvas, so I re-did the paintings between 2004 and 2013.

At that time, I didn’t have a proper work shop, or my main professional activity didn’t give me too much time, so I was not so productive.

Stains and Prints (since 2013)

In 2013, I started to do abstract art and I explore the idea of stains, prints and also movements like wind, liquid, explosions… All these sudden phenomena of great energy which were not expected. Don’t ask me what the exact meaning of the paintings is, it is up to you to see what you want to see. The main link which related all my paintings is the choice of bright and hot colours in contrast with dark and cold blues.

My Technic:

I am always thinking about my paints, what to do, what to do next, how to do it and most of the work is in the head. To paint on canvas is the easiest part of it and the shortest and a painting can take only few couple of hours or few days to be painted but were inside my head for months. Before starting to paint, I have a clear view of what I want to do as shapes, general assembly, general idea of the colours but I leave the final colour arrangement at the end.

I use mainly oil paint on canvases and preferably linen canvases. I can use pastels on paper, but this is mostly used for the try-out before doing the real painting. I also work on other supports as wood. I use extra fine paint as Mussini or Old Holland or other makes but only extra fine painting. I put paints of the same range of colours on an old plate and then I mix them live on the canvas. The arrangement on colours is done live while I am painting. I can paint using layers waiting the first layer is dry before to do a next one or by shapes, painting the shapes first and finishing with the background. Depending of which effect I want to give at the end. One very important thing when I paint is the music, I like to paint with the music full blast in a random mode from my huge musical library which browse all type of music styles and be surprised by what I am listening. Some painters like Miro were painting in the silence, I am the opposite, I need the music to paint.

My projects:

I still have a lot of things to do with the stains and prints serie. One day I would like to experience painting on different supports, different shapes and also very big paintings. You think I am already painting on big canvases, but I would like one day to do a very big one. I can’t really explain why I am attracted to paint on big size but may be because I found the result more impressive.

I also would like to do some modern sculpture on wood or metal.