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Street Urban Art Collection Number 236

Description : None

NRN # : 000-45442-0300-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 77.22 cm X Width - 51.82 cm )

Medium on Base : Other Medium on Stretched Canvas

Genre : Portrait

Status : For Sale

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Copyright : © Francesco Sobrio


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Un-Framed: $1699
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Francesco at 14 he starred is apprenticeship in the art World, begin by working with a master in Italy restoring and bring back to life frescoes.

Street  and Urban art.
Murals  or frescos have been around since the renaissance, and the term mural  or frescos is often used interchangeably with street art.
Urban Art defines the movement of Street Art out of the street and into galleries, museums, and private displays.

Art cannot be judged because art is everything and anything, art is self-expression, art is creativity, art is imagination.

How do I create my own artwork?

First I create my stencils for the artwork.

Then I created the composition and the subject matter.

Then I choose the colours and I begin to create my artwork by built my artwork layer-by-layer, and Once the artwork is complete Then I we'll destroy the stencils.

Then will become  original artwork.

For example, if you are painting landscaping, there will be more than trees Mountains streams Rivers flowers it would be animals and human therefore an artist should be able to create anything.

 Art is like beauty is on the eye of the beholder says Francesco.

Digital art, combine with Contemporary Art by Francesco Sobrio.

Raise your hands if you were a fan of digital art ...

Creating digital art on the computer, must possess the skills of digital artists, it’s a medium that continues to evolve alongside technological advances, there's a real sense of excitement in the air about digital art currently, and let’s clear something up: it's an art practice that requires just as much skill, precision, and creative eye, as any traditional painting method.

Digital artistic expression is an exciting integration of artform.

The main challenge for digital artists is to utilize digital tools to create memorable images that genuinely touch the viewer’s feelings and intrigue their intellect.

Original online art, that uses a virtual canvas and a ‘painting box’ of brushes, colors, and other tools, many of these instruments only exist in the digital realm, giving computer-generated artwork a potential multi-layered complexity.

Online art will guarantee exclusive content uniform quality, and unquestioned legitimacy, certificates of authenticity have encouraged collectors to make purchases.

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