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Trace O'Rourke (1)



My Bio: I am a photographer located in Melbourne, Australia.  I enjoy the experience of being in the outdoors and try to convey the beauty i see thr...
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Auli O'Donnell (12)



My Bio: In 2001 I was given a set of pencils by a friend who I’d known from my teen years. She knew I had put art on hold for about 25 years while I com...
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Penelope Oates (5)



My Bio: BA of Fine Arts (COFA) BA of Dramtic Art in Design (NIDA) Diploma of Education (UWS) Gallery Representation: KAB Gallery Manyung Galleries The MIlk Fa...
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Mia Oehlmann (9)



My Bio: Mia is mainly self-taught but has studied under well respected artists such as Geoff Dupree and Ignacio Rojas and has completed several terms at Melbo...
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Deidre Ogilvie (81)



My Bio: CV Deidre Ogilvie St. Kilda Artist I have undertaken a number of artistic endeavours over the years, but concentrated on painting in the last 10years....
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Ludwich Olivier




Jason OMalley (16)



My Bio: I was never really artistic growing up. I would doodle and copy cartoon characters as a kid, but didnt like art at school. After 6 and a half yea...
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Christopher Orr (76)



My Bio: Christopher Orr was born in Melbourne in 1945. He spent his formative years in South East Melbourne before commencing study in print and graphic design in 1961 at Caulfield Technical College (now Monash School of Art) completing a Diploma of Art in 1964. As a commercial artist he practiced designing, illustrating and painting prior to leaving for E...
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David Ottaway (80)



My Bio: Having always had an interest in artistic expression, I worked as a part-time muso through University, also writing lyrics and poetry and creatin...
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Rhonda Owen (55)



My Bio: Hi I am Rhonda Owen I love all sorts of painting but just recently l’ve been enjoying doing a lot more modern artwork. I have been painting for ...
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