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Marwa Abdallah (13)



My Bio: I am a self-taught artist who grew up in Cairo, Egypt and moved to Melbourne in my mid-thirties. I am fascinated with abstract art, the way a harmonious combination of color tones can stir up emotions, thoughts, and memories when you look at it, or just gives you a sense of peace and beauty. Nature is my biggest inspiration - I love flowers, forests, seascapes, and cosmic images. I like to play with different types of colors and mediums, but most...
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Ummu Abdullah (7)



My Bio: I am Ummu Abdullah , I live in Melbourne with my family and children. My origin is from Bangladesh a very small and beautiful country stated in the middle of Indian sub continent . I have got my inspiration for art from the evergreen nature of my country and I have got my biggest inspiration from my very inspirational Father. From my childhood Allah blessed me with a very imaginative and observing quality like my father do, I loved to observe the...
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Graham Abraham (10)



Currently showing at:
Brisbane Rotary Art Show 2024


My Bio: Graham was raised on the shores of Moreton Bay and has been painting and photographing wildlife and the natural environment since he was around nine years of age. Much of his inspiration was drawn from his mother’s interest in the local flora and fauna that surrounded her home in Brookfield, Queensland. Her natural history collections are now in the Artist’s possession. Graham studied at the Brisbane College of Art, in 1993 gaining a ...
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Fiona Adams (12)



My Bio: Hello, Thanking for taking the time to get to know me a little. I am a mother of four grown up children and live in Wangaratta, beautiful North East Victoria. For many years I have experimented with a variety of artistic endeavours. I love the process of creating and over time I have developed a unique and cheery approach to painting floral landscapes.  The nature of my style is abstract, floral with hints of impressionists of old.  My ...
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Tusif Ahmad (5)



My Bio: My Story The art of papercutting involves the artist cutting a whole painting from a single piece of paper resulting in a painstakingly intricate and fragile piece of art. I have been interested in art from a young age.  As a teenager growing up in Pakistan, I would take a bus from my home in Rawalpindi to the house of Sadequain, one of Pakistan’s most respected artists, in Islamabad. Every chance I could, over the course of f...
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Bushiejohn Alcock (19)



My Bio: I am Biological Abstractionist with a truly unique style which comes from my deep and profond spiritual connection with the land .I have always been influenced by enviromental expressionism in connectition with the rhymes of nature and the universe. The shapes , lines and colours drawing you into the world of light and colours of the australian  landscape  . light and colours are reflected in the symbolic shapes , where the austrlian f...
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820 artists published: Showing artist 1 - 12



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